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Product introduction

Aqualina alkaline water filter 

Benefits from Drinking Nano Smart Water Filter

Super Anti-oxidants - A natural antioxidants that neutralized harmful free radicals found in your body
Detoxifies your Body - Remove the poisonous toxins and the acid waste products found in your cells and tissues
Energizes your Health - Your body balances out the acidity, resulting in a balanced pH that makes you feel healthier, more vibrant and more energetic than ever before
Stronger Immune System - Creating a pure alkaline environment where cancer and disease struggle to develop Slow down aging process reduction of oxidation that exist in your body

Super Hydrates your body absorb water easily at a cellular level

Enhance natural healing power (Active oxygen)

Removal of odour and chlorine

Abundance of Ionic Minerals contains essential minerals that are vital for cellular functions

What's inside Our AQUILINA Water Filter:

Nano Silver Sediment Filter

Nano Ag+ Sediment Filter Maximize the water purification effect from the initial stage, removing various an oxidized substance such as rust, dirt, sand, mud, microscopic impurities and bacteria.

Nano Silver (Pre) Carbon Block Filter
Nano Silver Carbon Block is imbedded with Silver Filter - 100 for better antibacterial function and high absorption function. This filter absorbs ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, color, and harmful chemical materials and chloroform.

Alkaline Minerals Enhancer Filter 
To enhance minerals absorption for our body detoxified wastes accumulated in our body and regulate body pH balanced to mild alkaline.

Nano Silver (Post) Carbon Block Filter

This Carbon Block is a granular activated block make of 100% coconut base shell carbon embedded with Silver Filter - 200 for better antibacterial function.
This filter absorbs ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, color, harmful chemical materials and inhibit bacteria growth in the cartridge.

Nano Hi-Alkali pH Enhancer
Nano Technology Alkali Media to enhance the alkalinity for removing the pesticide of vegetables, meats, and fruits.


Storage Store in cool & dry place
Warranty 1 Year

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