Unstoppable Me 2020 - Discover The Power of YOU!

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  • Learn how to increase your performance every time and get results
  • Understand which bad habits sabotage your life and how to replace them
  • Get the fastest way to success
  • Master how to get what You want out of life
  • Processing the 7 Core areas of Life
  • Learn how to WIN BIG in Life!
  • Why living in the present is essential to success and a worry-free life
  • The methods to Building the Best You and develop those around you
  • Achieve Break Through Performance In Your Career & Life

About the Trainer

Rafeek Abdul is the founder and CEO of various companies which includes, Event ConneXions, Event Catalyst Sdn Bhd and Back Pain No More and much more. His seminars are about engaging and inspiring people by re-igniting and re-discovering hope, not about making empty profit promises. Rafeek Abdul will draw out of you the power, commitment, inspiration and dedication that you didn't know you had. No longer will you spend your life accepting anything short of your dreams. Instead, you will actively pursue your dreams until your vision becomes a reality.

Using storytelling, interaction and humour, he conveys messages that stick in people's minds for years - literally! His presentations focus on determination, resilience, turning failure into a positive, goal setting, overcoming adversity, positive self-belief, earning the desire to achieve something remarkable and understanding fear and anxiety. His high content, high quality, high energy programs are well researched and delivered in a down to earth, memorable style.

Since 2010, Rafeek has spoken and train thousands of audiences around the world, many of them repeat engagements. This includes Fortune 100 companies and many international associations. His coaching clients include corporate leaders, business owners and executives, entertainers and regular group of people.

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