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"Orange Bao" Open Platform Online Service Agreement

2018-09-17 00:00:45 Author: CPMALL

"Orange Bao" Open Platform Online Service Agreement


1. Conclusion of this Agreement 

1.1 This agreement is established by Orange Baowang (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Party A"), and is intended to be established as an independent third party operator on the "Orangebao" open platform (hereinafter referred to To as "Orange Baonet Platform"). The legal entity (hereinafter referred to as "merchant" or "Party B") that the store conducts is jointly concluded and has contractual effect.

“Party A” and “Party B” are collectively referred to as “Agreement Party”, and “Orangebao” is referred to as “Party” and “Relative Party”.

1.2 Merchants through the "Business Backstage Management System" to apply for the renewal of the store application and agreement, once the "I have read and agree to the agreement" and click the "Submit" button, means that the merchant agrees to sign this Agreement with Orange Baowang and voluntarily Subject to this Agreement, but the merchant's online consent to this Agreement does not result in the immediate effect of this Agreement. When the merchant's signing behavior, signing application, renewal application, and data submission are approved by Orange Bao .com, this agreement has legal effect on the merchant and Orangebao. If the orange treasure network is reviewed, the merchant and Orange Baowang need to sign an agreement. , the merchant should also abide by the agreement signed separately.

1.3 This Agreement consists of the text of the Agreement, the Consumer Rights Protection Terms of Service, the Anti-Commercial Bribery Agreement and the rules that are publicly available on the "Orange Web Platform" and the rules that may be adjusted after. If the Body of the agreement conflicts with the rules, it shall be subject to the subsequent documents.

1.4 This Agreement only indicates the rights and obligations between “Orangebao” and “Business”, and the relationship between the merchants and any third parties established through “” and the resulting rights and obligations. Solved by the merchant and the third party .