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Cancel Order

2018-09-17 00:00:39 Author: CPMALL

After the order is submitted successfully, you can cancel the order for the self-operated goods order of the mall and the goods sold by some third-party sellers. 

Note: Once the order cancellation application is submitted successfully, no modification or recovery will be possible. Please be cautious. 

1. After submitting the order cancellation application, the system will confirm the package location, and will refund the refund after successful interception. If the order is cancelled, the order will continue to be delivered to you, and you can sign or reject it as needed. 

2. If the order contains promotional items such as gifts, events, coupons, etc., if the main product order is cancelled, the associated promotional items will also be cancelled. 

3. If you have confirmed the receipt of the goods, please apply for repair/return.