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Shipping Fees

2018-09-17 00:00:34 Author: CPMALL

1. Self-operated goods freight rules 

2. Fresh and non-fresh goods in the order, calculate the amount and freight, and do not participate in the freight order; the total freight receivable is equal to the freight and non-freight of the fresh goods in the order. The sum of fresh goods payable. 

The third-party sellers goods freight rules users to buy third-party sellers goods in the mall, according to the seller's goods on the product details page publicly stated shipping standards, different sellers shop to collect different standards, the general situation is as follows: 

1. the same The goods in the store, each fixed shipping; 

2. the same store goods, a certain amount of free shipping per order, if you are dissatisfied, you will receive a certain freight; 

3. according to the different types of goods in the order to collect freight; 

4. some stores participate in self-operated The goods are free of charge and the order is charged. The specific charge is based on the shipping information when the order is submitted. 

5. Other shipping standards published by the seller. 

Special instructions

1, the order amount is the amount of the discount promotion. 

2. The amount of non-fresh goods in the order is the amount that the consumer pays for the non-fresh goods in the single order; the amount of fresh goods in the order is the amount that the consumer pays for the fresh goods in a single order. 

3. The weight of the product is calculated by gross weight (including the weight of the product sales package). 

4. The division of small and medium-sized goods and large-sized goods shall be confirmed by the self-operated sellers themselves. The freight charges payable by the goods shall be subject to the freight information at the time of submitting the order. 

5. The shipping standard may be adjusted accordingly, which is subject to the shipping price on the product details page and the settlement page.